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Tizaster Productions is the creation of a very determined young filmmaker by the name of Nik Tizekker, who resides in Santa Monica, California and attends school at The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles.

Calling his production company "Tizzy Productions" his first stab at filmmaking would originally start as a school project for a filmmaking class in 2005. He later established the name Tizaster for the final production name.

A lot of Nik's inspiration comes from the well known Director/Producer J.J. Abrams (Lost, Star Trek, Super 8). "I really like his style of storytelling. The way he portrays that through the art of film just blows my mind, a very brilliant man" says Nik when talking about J. J Abrams. "My favorite one of his so far has got to be LOST. I think it was truly an original idea. I've never seen anything like it done before."

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