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  1. Short Films

    by Daniel Encinas joined

    8,935 Videos / 3,648 Members

    Group dedicated to Short Films.

  2. Stop Motion

    by 2 IRMÃOS Filmes joined

    2,723 Videos / 1,441 Members

  3. Stop Motion(s)

    by guy joined

    3,920 Videos / 1,830 Members

    Anything that includes some form of Stop Motion.

  4. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    28.5K Videos / 15.4K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  5. Canon C100

    by Jason Silzle joined

    258 Videos / 89 Members

    This is the place to discuss and share films with the Canon C100. What a fabulous camera!

  6. Canon C100

    by Texas Media Systems joined

    1,272 Videos / 428 Members

    Apply Online for Canon Lease: http://www.texasmediasystems.com/canon-leasing.php $4999 Body, $5599 Kit with 24-105mm Lens https://www.facebook.com/CanonC100 https://twitter.com/canonc100 Leases…

  7. Canon Cinema EOS C100 / C300 / C500 / 1D C User Group

    by H. Paul Moon joined

    2,466 Videos / 1,869 Members

    C100 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosc100 C300 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC300 PL-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC300PL C500 | BUY NOW: EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/eosC500 PL-mount:…

  8. Canon EOS C100 User Group

    by White Box Studio joined

    1,536 Videos / 694 Members

    For videos produced on Canon's new EOS C100 cinema camera.

  9. World, Travel & People HD

    by The Film Artist joined

    40.5K Videos / 9,931 Members

    'The World is our Home' and we can all learn many good things from each other. If we respect our world then we will all learn to respect each other. You can add your very best High Definition…

  10. Travel the World

    by SectionJake joined

    26.9K Videos / 7,408 Members

    Let's See where you've been!! Join the Tumblr Blog at http://travel-the-world.tumblr.com/

  11. HD Travel Videos

    by Rico Tan joined

    28.8K Videos / 14.1K Members

    Add your Travel Video here and share places you've been, what you've eat, travel tips, etc. How to upload/add your videos to TravelHD Group? You can now have the ability to UPLOAD…

  12. GoPro Videos

    by Matt Burton joined

    11K Videos / 3,567 Members

    User created GoPro community.

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