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Terrance Huff is an award winning filmmaker whose formal education in multimedia began in Cincinnati, learning broadcast television, radio production, computing and journalism.

In 2001, Terrance moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue acting and film making. He performed on 60 different network television shows and films.

After producing a few of his own, Terrance returned to Hamilton, Ohio to rediscover his hometown and to share its stories via film. His first Ohio based film, "the HPD stories", was selected for "Best of Underneath 2005", won the "Best Editing" award and won a highly coveted "Audience Choice Award". "the HPD stories" was also screened for Time Warner sponsored "LiteBrite Film and Music Test".

Terrance is currently working with Ben Miller, and Sherman Fischer to produce films in the Cincinnati area including "D.I.S.C.O." and "Explo Seevo"

Terrance also lobbies with California and New York partners to bring studio film production to the Midwest.

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