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Hi My Name Is Pascal Chellen AkA Tical A4C Negus.
Love All Music That Moves Me To A High Level,
My Dreams Is To Touch The World With My Attitude, My Thinking, My Music And My Talks...!!!
For Now, I've Done Maybe Half My Way, And I Won't Stop Here...
Member Of A Group Of Rap Called A4C (All For Cams 'friends').
Cause They Say True Friends Is Hard To Find,
And I Learn From Many !
But Now My Team Is Strong...
Member Of Negusworld Too, I Discover This Movement In Australia, Where I Was Working...
And I Heard This From A Friend, That Told Me Toi Check It Out For Me To NOt Lose Half My Life,
I Check It Right AwAy.
And The True In It I Get Addicted To Negus, Like This Is What I Was Waiting For,
So I Hope This Movement Will Touch Like They Touch Me !
Cause They Touch My Soul And They Learn Me How To Save Life By Such An Action Or A Word
A4C One Love One Heart One Destiny AOLOHOD †
My Style Is Reverse Like Dis 'esrever'
And Where I live ! There'sNoSpace...

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