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We are content creators.
We love video. The ability to convey a message in such an immediate and universally engaging way cannot be beaten.
TODD Creative Services focuses on creating new and dynamic video pieces using the latest, affordable technology.
We specialise in delivering; from the full video experience through to incisive promos. With video being the currency of the Web, we offer a comprehensive creative service, from concept through to full realisation.
Whether it’s capturing a theatrical event, documenting a corporate presentation or creating original animated designs and artwork, TODD Creative Services can deliver in your timeframe.

TODD Creative Services is an independent design and ideas consultancy.
Our aim is to build the ‘business narrative’ into a compelling value proposition. We are expert in the growing and evolving areas of New Media Technology - combining an innovative creative approach using the many available technical communications channels.
TODD Creative Services can reach your audience with the right message, cost effectively.

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