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With energy, class, and sass, the wind blows in a versatile new talent, her name...TOI STORI. Poised in diva fashion, with a delivery of "in your face" attitude, this dynamic new artist breaks out onto the scene with such force, it’s almost impossible not to take notice.

TOI is a diverse singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey who was raised around music her entire life. Coming from a family of musicians, she couldn’t avoid the impact music had on her at a very early age.

"I remember my parents telling me to go bed as I would sneak and listen at the top of the basement stairs while they created music in our home studio,"

recalls the singer who gains inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Toni Braxton and most recent icons such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Years later, approached with the opportunity to be a part of a girl group Honey, TOI received her first crash course into the music industry. The late night studio sessions, vocal training and extensive dance rehearsals could easily become very intimidating, but, TOI embraced her calling. Honey later received a spot on the Pantene Total You Tour, touring with Yolanda Adams, Regina Bell and top model Eva along with many others to New York, Philly, and North Carolina.

Recognized by fans and management, TOI's charm, outgoing personality and star quality undoubtedly caused her to stand out within the group. Unfortunately, the girls went their separate ways but this did not discourage this pop songstress. She found this opportunity to develop her songwriting, which landed her in front of such producers as Allstar, Soul Diggaz and many more.

While honing her writing ability by telling everyone else's story, she was inspired to tell her own. By expanding her writing and singing style, and perfecting her stage performance, she is driven to make her mark and become nothing less than the quality she aims for. That "quality" was seen out of thousands of entries for the MySpace Budweiser Opening Act Contest where TOI STORI was in the top 10 line up last year, sharing the stage with Grammy Nominated R&B/Soul sensation Anthony David. Although she didn’t collect the grand prize, Anthony gave her an amazing compliment, in spite of the loss.

“Your song was by far the best and your performance killed! You really worked that stage and I can’t believe you didn’t win! ‘Delusional’ would’ve been the perfect opening party song to get the crowd amped!"

Smiling through an air of disappointment, TOI kindly thanked him for his words of encouragement, at which he left her with these words which she continues to hear by those who never see her coming.

“Baby, they aint ready for you.”

Now, with her lead single "Amnesia," voicing her heart on those who have discouraged her, to the heavy hitting "Swagga Jacka," TOI STORI is a dynamic force to be reckoned with.

"The harder I work, the better my product will be," says this urban pop sensation, “and the product is already so good because it comes straight from the heart.”

With her debut album "Impossible Possibilities" due for release in Spring 2012, and upcoming song placements, TOI is pushing full steam ahead, pausing only to be humbled by her incredible journey along the way.

"My music is the STORI of my life and this here is just the prelude...”


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