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Tomas Danielis is working with Willi Dorner since 2009 and having worked for Pilottanzt, cie.13 R.Mei, cie.F.Ruckert, cie. CeDeCe, cie. ABC-F.Faust, cie. Studio Tanca, DiD, soloist of Ballet Graz,solist of ballet of National Theatre, guest for S.Waltz and guests and free lance dancer. He taught/ is teaching at H.Jurriens foundation, Bud Hybrid, Rafinerie, Dock 11, Hot Summer Kyoto, Tanzquartier Wien, CCN Montpelier, Int.Bühnenwerkstatt Graz, Danscetrum Göteborg etc.
Tomas was awarded with 5 prices for interpretation and choregraphy (Polish Festival of Theatre, ÖETR etc.) and in 2007-2009 was art director of Int. Bühnenwerkstatt Tanztheater Festival Graz.
He graduate with at Dance Department of Academy of Music and Drama Art Bratislava with MA and Conservatoire J.L.Bella v Banskej Bystrici.

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