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He studied at Documentary Film Department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at Academy of Arts in Slovakia in the class of well-known Czech documentary director Olga Sommerova.

In 2007 his bachelor´s documentary "In a Circle of Marriage" received the award "Special Mention of Jury" at Early Melons International Student Film Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.

He graduated in 2008 with a documentary "In India Between the Light and the Dark". The film had a TV premiere on Slovak national TV channel Radio and Televsion of Slovakia (RTVS) in 2010.

From 2009 to 2013 he worked in the field of audiovisual production as a co-founder, director and producer of the film, TV and commercials production company Greenbox settled in Slovakia. /

From 2011 to 2013 he was working as scriptwriter and director at the Department of New Media in TV JOJ. He created here 150 parts of the TV show "On my way to work" and several short documentaries.

In 2008-2012 he worked on his first feature documentary film "GRADUATES/ Freedom Is Not for Free" as director, scriptwriter and producer. The film was theatrically released on April 25th 2013 in Slovakia and on 1st May 2014 in Czech republic. The documentary received a "Special Mention of International Jury" at the 13th International Documentary Film Festival ONE WORLD 2012 Slovakia.

In 2013 he founded his own company HAILSTONE focusing on producing creative independent and commercial films and videos. HAILSTONE provide film directing, scriptwriting and producing from the early to the final stage of production. The industry and the perseverance is the top of its agenda. /


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