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London based film maker with an interest in the strange and the beautiful. Following two years of theatre training at a CDS approved drama school Tom moved into studying film at SAE London. Here he has completed a skillset approved Diploma in Digital Film Making and will finish a BA(Hons) in the same subject in October 2010. Tom's work has been broadcast on British TV and his short film "Foulness" was selected to represent SAE London at the Cannes International Film Festival, Shorts Corner 2010. Tom is available for freelance writing and directing and is currently sourcing funding to re-shoot "Foulness" as a feature length pilot, with a view to being commissioned for a series.

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  1. Nice! I'm studying Digital Film making at SAE London, starting in 30th April 2012, can't wait! :D
  2. Tom Barrett commented on Aged 7
    Thanks so much! I've been meaning to upload a complete version for ages, I will get round to it but if you find it at all useful I'd be happy to post you a copy of the film