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  1. Vimeo Weekend Challenge

    by Cameron Christopher joined

    6,085 Videos / 19.1K Members

    Want to participate in our weekly Challenges? Join the Group to receive messages and new Challenges! Only add relevant videos, please.

  2. Test Group

    by Vimeo Test User Plus joined

    3 Videos / 3 Members

  3. O'Neil

    by Sam Morrill joined

    81 Videos / 15 Members

  4. TommyPom Appreciation Society

    by Kevin Sweeney joined

    10 Videos / 16 Members

  5. Short Films

    by Procine joined

    62.2K Videos / 33.5K Members

    To add your films to the channel, do the following: Go to YOUR video page and under the video frame you´ll see the icon ¨+ ADD TO¨. Click it. You´ll see the options to add your…

  6. Vegetarian Cooking

    by Peter Stuifzand joined

    210 Videos / 188 Members

    Hi, this is the place for all your vegetarian cooking example videos. All videos post here should explain how to prepare and cook a vegetarian dish. If you have already created a vegetarian cooking…

  7. Student Filmmaker's Collective

    by Damon Stea joined

    8,822 Videos / 3,653 Members

    A showcase and discussion of new and archived student films, embracing narrative, non-linear, and experimental films from the next generation of filmmakers. Show us your vision.

  8. tester!

    by Riley Hooper joined

    4 Videos / 3 Members

  9. Magic Lantern User Group

    by a1ex joined

    6,313 Videos / 8,438 Members

    Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon digital SLRs. These cameras are "game changing" for independent film makers. www.magiclantern.fm

  10. Grouptastic

    by Tommy Penner joined

    4 Videos / 2 Members

    A test group, for testing.

  11. Color Grading

    by Nikola Stefanovic joined

    5,975 Videos / 2,622 Members

    Color grading is the process of altering and enhancing the color of a motion picture, video image, or still image either electronically, photo-chemically or digitally.

  12. My Cool Video Collection

    by Tommy Rodgers joined

    224 Videos / 20 Members

    Those videos which have cool aspects which I want to use in my own work. I also share these with my middle and high school students.

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