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Trask Ferrerø is an international Artist, Publisher, and Producer, operating out of California.

Trask believes that life is a series of defining moments which make us who we are.

For Trask these moments have included :

Overcoming a child hood illness to become a collegiate athlete

Forging of a friendship with famous painter Thomas Kinkade, which lead to an interest in fine art and refined understanding of the creative process.

The decision to reject the concept of a life with limits which lead ti the formation of the Trask Ferrero Art, Design, and Production Company.

Trask eagerly awaits life's next defining moment.

Some people believe it's dangerous to take a chance in the pursuit of a passion. If so, we prefer to live dangerøusly...

"Join us in your pursuit to live dangerøusly and see where your path takes you." - See more at:

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