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    by Travis Fox

    3 Videos

    Frontline and NPR's Planet Money explore the Haitian economy post-earthquake.

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    Redefining China's Family

    by Travis Fox

    3 Videos

    China's staggering economic growth has overshadowed a more subtle shift in Chinese society.

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    Pakistan on the Brink

    by Travis Fox

    3 Videos

    Pakistan has been in the midst of violent political turmoil for the last year. Underlying this tumult are three basic forces in Pakistani society that are colliding with one another, leaving the country…

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    Return to Afghanistan

    by Travis Fox

    2 Videos

    In five vignettes of daily life, Return to Afghanistan captures a conservative society struggling to cope with enormous change.

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    Making Space for Democracy

    by Travis Fox

    3 Videos

    Citizens in the Middle East and Central Asia struggle to find the Democracy that's right for them.

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    Inside Egypt's Opposition

    by Travis Fox

    3 Videos

    25 July 2005 - Egypt's burgeoning pro-democracy movements prepare for battle with president Hosni Mubarak ahead of September's election.

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    Hard Times

    by Travis Fox

    7 Videos

    Washington Post Videojournalist Travis Fox travels across the country to see how Americans are coping with the economic downturn and how it may influence their vote. Hard Times Blog: voices.washingtonpost.com/hard-times/

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    Vida y Muerte en Juárez (en Español)

    by Travis Fox

    5 Videos

    Hace dos años, el Presidente de México Felipe Calderón inicio una gran ofensiva contra el narcotráfico que ha destapado una guerra interna. Para esta cuidad fronteriza,…

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