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Bozeman, MT

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Born and raised in Northeast/Lower Michigan, I have always had a strong connection to the natural landscapes that surround me. I studied Ecology and Anthropology at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, a mid-sized adventure town in Michigan's rustic Upper Peninsula. I am an avid bird enthusiast and an amateur naturalist. I have always carried with me the goal of one day becoming a documentary filmmaker. I am now in full pursuit of that dream as a graduate student in Montana State University's Master of Fine Arts program in "Science and Natural History Filmmaking" in Bozeman, Montana. I have completed all coursework for the program and am currently in the developmental stages for my thesis film and paper.

I have produced several short student documentary projects on topics ranging from raptor migration studies, to research in cultural heritage, to forest ecology and the Mountain Pine Beetle outbreaks of the Rocky Mountain West. I have produced content for both the general public as well as several kids programs aimed at ages ranging from 7-12 years old.

I have experience in all aspects of documentary production from writing, producing and planning a film, through directing, shooting, sound recording, lighting, and eventually editing. My primary focus within the filmmaking process is sound recording and editing. I have worked on sound for more than a dozen student films, both fiction and nonfiction. I am continuing to develop my skills and experience in all aspects of film sound and hope to build a professional career on those talents.

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