Treb Monteras II

Metro Manila, Philippines

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Treb has done several top rating TV shows, commercials, live concerts and over 250 music videos to his name. He has done album cover shoots for some of the country’s best artists as well.

Treb has been consistently recognized by various award-giving bodies for his work. In 2011, he won in Nokia Europe’s N8 Producers International Film Competition.
The only Asian to do so.
Not surprising for someone whose love for film and the arts was nurtured at home and in school at an early age. He was already doing animation at the tender age of 6, using coins and his father’s video camera.

His childhood was spent attending painting workshops at The Metropolitan Museum.

Treb is a certified film buff and hones his skills by attending cinematography and directing courses.
He was a student at the Mowelfund Film Institute and the International Institute for Film and the Arts.

In his spare time, Treb paints, collects hats and scours around for vintage toys, books and curios.

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