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In mid 2010 Dean (Vocals), Dan (Guitar) and Sy (Guitar/Keys/Programming) decided to put together a band….

The three were in previous bands and had a common connection through going/playing gigs and friendship so it made it an easier decision to see what music they could create together. Dan’s long time friend Richie West joined shorlty after on Bass as the two had previously been in a band which made drums the only missing link.

The guys wrote with various drummers but never really had concrete material and with these drummers having other personal commitments. This pushed the band to start writing without a drummer for months but by late 2011 Dan contacted Raggz (also a longtime friend). Raggz had previously “jammed” with Dan but was always in other projects so this opportunity to play in the same band was quite interesting and so after a few rehersals the band was finally complete.

Triage were BORN!!….

There was a steady few months of heavy writing of songs from material that was unused out of other projects and this allowed the band to build and find its sound.

With 6 songs under there belt “Traige” played a number of gigs to start a status but to also get their live sound and after an explosive responce they decided to head into a Studio and work on an LP.

The band headed to DK Studios in Washington (their rehersal studios) in May 2012 and started work on the LP which took a number of weeks to get down due to a range of recording set-ups and ideas but finally by the end of June 2012 the band had completed the DECEIVER LP in its basic form of which further key/synth and programming additions were made by Sy and then finally mixed by “Triage’s” very own Dean Wiseman with some help from a friend Jeremy Hockin.


Deceiver will be released on Thursday November 29th and will be available to pre-order from most digital outlets and through

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