Leandro Pisano

Irpinia, South of Italy

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Leandro Pisano is a curator, writer and new media producer who is involved in many projects and events regarding aesthetic side of new media and technologies, also spending most of his energy working on ICT development strategies for rural areas. He is the initiator and director of Interferenze new arts festival, taking place in South of Italy since 2003 and frequently he is involved in projects and events regarding electronic art, like Mediaterrae Vol.1 (2007), Province Digitali (2005/2007) and Sentieri Barocchi (2010). He had lectures and presentations during new media art and interaction design events worldwide (IST 2010, Tokyo; Doors of Perception 9, New Delhi; ISEA2010 Ruhr, Dortmund; Dott07, Newcastle; Offload festival, Bristol). He is also columnist on Blow-Up magazine, also having collaborated in the past years with Neural, Textura.org, Exibart and Nero magazine.

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