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Graphic design, design books, band posters, album artwork, old school board graphics, freckles, skateboarding, James Jarvis, Apple, cardigans, tie-dye, monchhichi, rolled up sleeves, old school Vans, camping, hugs and spuds, Japanese things, collecting bouncy balls, toys, JD buckles and rosettes, Dennis Busenitz, drunken photography, screaming, jumping into ice cold water in the rain, dimples, 100% cyan, fluro green, firecrackers, big hair, drums, the smell of party poppers, Bbq's, Typography, my cat, getting the party on, nintendo, Clint Peterson, carrot cake, smiles, imagination, Scottish people (no to neds), colourful matter, pixels, 9 minute power naps twice daily, shortening words and phrases to make them my own, in-jokes, the occasional toke, bed, key—caps™.

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