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TTOIN- The State Between Wake and Sleep

The Songs all started as a Title. First, I would create a title that was a Thing That Occurred In Nature;
Something that I liked the Sound of and something that brought a strong Image to mind.
Next, I would find a guitar (90% of the sounds you hear are modified guitar), synth or drum Sound that I was feeling at that moment and forget about the title. (it has served it’s purpose as an unconscious instigator)
Sound-inspired composition (for me) is much different than sitting down with a musical goal to accomplish or using predetermined musical rules. I’ve found that *Allowing the Sound to Inspire The Structure*, frees the unconscious to pull what is natural from ‘the Zone’. This is kind of a slang term that musicians use with each other when we are playing and you start to... kind of…float. It’s like you are in this perfect bubble of time and space and you can play no wrong. Everything and everyone moves together in perfect harmony. Not only are you in the bubble, you are the bubble. This unconscious state of streaming Creative Energy is probably a close cousin to the state of enlightenment. Heck, it might be one in the same… I’ll have to ask a guru sometime…
Anyway, this is the State that these songs were created from. Think of those moments between *Wake and Sleep*.

The New TTOIN Album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, Spotify etc.

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