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i started in this field since my childhood, i was doing what i see in my imagination,then it becomes more than imagination for me it's a challenge a good time with artistic way of movement. the art of movement has not received any support in our country, so i decided to create the highest number of video episodes to allow Tunisian people see what we do and the other country around the world that there is a tracers in Tunisia, even we don't have means of practicing, we style do what we love to do and let people share with us moments of joy , entertainment, pleasure, pain, success .... I hope you support our effort, i would love if a tracers from other country decide to visit Tunisia and practicing with me and other teams from tunisia or give an invitation for a parkour/Freerunning event, i will be happy for that ... so thank you for reading this


  1. GREGoriani
  2. Ali Kadhim