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19 years old. I live in México. I love mangoes so much I even wrote a poem about them. I play video games most of them from Nintendo like Zelda, Mario and Pokémon. Read Bleach, Claymore and Soul Eater. I love to watch Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. Favorite animes: Death Note, Evangelion, Code Geass, XXXholic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Favorite movies: all from Studio Ghibli, SuckerPunch, Paprika, Prometheus, How To Train Your Dragon, V for Vendetta, The Hunger Games and lots more. I also read all kind of books, my favorite ones are The Book Thief, The Intermittence of Death, Trilogy The Hunger Games and I can continuo but for now thats enough of me| (• ◡ •)|

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