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Turtle Films is a multimedia production house dedicated to create awareness and consciousness on diverse issues like social and environmental problems, economical and political themes and indigenous realities among others, through films and arts related programs. We collaborate with progressive businesses, non-for-profit organisations, community and indigenous members and government bodies to assist them in approaching these issues, always through the originality and vanguardism of our work.

We develop our projects covering all aspects of the creative and technical process, forming a unique and critical view on the topics we discuss. We raise questions but the solution to the problem is what we aim for.

Turtle Films is an independent house, with a common collective view within all of its members. We support social change Now as one of our main objectives, and we use media as a powerful tool to communicate our commitment with the wellbeing of the world and its people.
We are wiling to take the time to change the world right now. Are you?

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