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  1. TV16HD On Demand

    112 videos

    TV16HD On Demand allows you to watch your favorite shows on your schedule.

  2. Coffee Time

    34 videos

    Interview segment from our morning show Coffee Time. Coffee Time airs Monday - Friday at 6:30am on TV16HD in Jasper, Alabama.

  3. Gospel Harmony Hour

    25 videos

    Gospel Harmony Hour airs Sunday Morning at 7:00am on TV16HD.

  4. LIVE! with Wayne & Cheryl

    23 videos

    LIVE! with Wayne & Cheryl is hosted by Cheryl Crauswell and Wayne Burns. LIVE! airs Sunday Morning at 8:00a on TV16HD in Jasper.

  5. The Living Word

    16 videos

    With Host Tommy Combs

  6. 2014 Political Interviews

    12 videos

    Undecided on who to vote for? Watch the interviews with local candidates and see who covers the issues important to you.

  7. Game of the Week

    5 videos

    TV16HD's High School Football Game of the Week.

  8. Sales Mart

    0 videos

    The Sales Mart is your source to buy, sell and trade your merchandise. The Sales Mart airs weekdays at 10:00am and on Thursday Nights at 7:00pm on TV16HD in Jasper and is a production of Combs Broadcasting. There is never a fee to list your items on our show.

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