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  1. Panasonic GH4K

    by Bill Bruner joined

    455 Videos / 642 Members

    This group will showcase the best work from the new Panasonic GH4 4K cinema camera. Panasonic calls it "the world's first DSLM camera to record 4K videos" - but it is also the world's…

  2. Canon EOS C100 User Group

    by White Box Studio joined

    1,533 Videos / 692 Members

    For videos produced on Canon's new EOS C100 cinema camera.

  3. Canon C100

    by Texas Media Systems joined

    1,270 Videos / 428 Members

    Apply Online for Canon Lease: http://www.texasmediasystems.com/canon-leasing.php $4999 Body, $5599 Kit with 24-105mm Lens https://www.facebook.com/CanonC100 https://twitter.com/canonc100 Leases…

  4. Fly Fishing Vimeo

    by Zoltán Perge joined

    142 Videos / 37 Members

    Fly Fishing Videos

  5. Trout Bums

    by stefany cunningham joined

    9 Videos / 7 Members

    For anyone that loves to fly fish, especially women.

  6. Professional Lumix GH4, GH3, GH2 & Gh1 Great Videos

    by Aclara Promotions joined

    2,772 Videos / 935 Members

    Are you using your Lumix GH4, GH3, GH2 or GH1 for professional corporate work, professional music videos, professional documentaries? If you're using your GH1 to make a living, post your best…

  7. Panasonic GH2

    by Andrew Reid joined

    11.7K Videos / 4,219 Members

    Discuss the Panasonic GH2 Micro Four Thirds G Lumix camera, watch footage from the GH2 and upload your GH2 footage. Please make sure GH2 videos have at least the word 'GH2' in the title,…

  8. Panasonic AVCHD-4K

    by Serge Sidorov joined

    3,473 Videos / 874 Members

    This group is for videographers who are interested in, or already working with Panasonic AVCHD or 4k camcoders

  9. Lumix GH1 Footage

    by Philip Bloom joined

    1,503 Videos / 373 Members

  10. Panasonic GH1

    by Sean Sheridan joined

    3,350 Videos / 1,023 Members

  11. Travel Videos

    by Matt Stabile joined

    14.7K Videos / 3,559 Members

    Explore the best travel videos from around the world. I also frequently feature videos from here at the www.TheExpeditioner.com. If you have a video that you would like me to consider to feature…

  12. Planet Earth in HD

    by TKTODD joined

    13.5K Videos / 4,259 Members

    This is a group for HD videos related to nature, weather, wildlife, oceans, mountains and landscapes on Planet Earth.

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