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To quickly motivate 22frames: we are all aware that captioned/subtitled videos are scattered across the Internet on multiple video hosts – generally mixed with the billions of other videos. Searching for captioned/videos on a desired topic of yours can therefore be a pain. YouTube, for example, does not host a version of every captioned video on the Internet. In fact, no video host does. The value of 22frames.com is that it is pursuing the grand task of indexing every caption video on the Internet regardless of the host. The goal is to provide users with a single place to search. We recently started but the index is growing very rapidly.

If you read the about us page (22frames.com/aboutus.aspx), you’ll see that 22frames.com is more than captioned/subtitled videos since they are not the only types of videos that can be enjoyed by the community. At the core of the service are specialized web-crawlers and multimedia analysis algorithms that can also, for example, automatically determine that videos like (1) 22frames.com/video.aspx?id=102854 and (2) 22frames.com/video.aspx?id=108964 might not be captioned but are still easy to watch without audio. When 22frames detects such videos, it indexes them in a special way. Visitors have been enthusiastic about the thousands of videos we’ve found this way, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as it is a unique feature of 22frames.com.

Perhaps more intriguing than search, the service offers a unique experience for its users that are also visitors of link-sharing and community sites like Digg and Reddit. Such sites are often where the most *viral* and entertaining videos are found. 22frames.com allows users of these sites to avoid mining through pages of community submissions to specifically find ones that have captions or are easy to watch without captions and audio. We even link back to the comments pages on these sites so you can further engage with the community.

We really want to build an ultimate video solution for the community so please provide feedback and we will try as quickly to respond. Thanks for reading and we hope you can help us spread the word to your friends and networks.

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