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  1. #GetCasual

    16 videos

    Every week #TwoPenguins takes #OfficeLife very seriously. We take it so seriously that we need to take a day to appreciate the valiant #Menswear that’s carried us through the week. That’s why we are beholden to #CasualFridays. It’s a day to unwind and do rad stuff like water ski through…

  2. Reels

    10 videos

  3. Hundredaires

    18 videos

  4. Autocad

    5 videos

  5. Relevant works for GQ Styles & Trends

    12 videos

    Here is a selection of work to showcase work that is relevant to this project.

  6. Music Videos

    6 videos

    Music Video portfolio for Two Penguins. Directed by Daniel Fickle

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