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SPACE MONKEYS is a director duo with astonishing versatility. Whether it´s directing actors, creating an aesthetic piece or shooting spots that require VFX integrated with live footage.

It´s been recently discovered that they were born in Venezuela and Spain but at a young age decided to travel the galaxy. And like good intergalactic travelers, Rober and David have an amazing knack for all things technology mixed with a profound sense of beauty and artistry.

They´ve worked with agencies like Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi, LOLA (LOWE Madrid), Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Erickson, D6 or La Despensa, and for brands like Toyota, Orange, Burger King, Ford, Mattel, Red Cross, Coca Cola, History Channel or Red Bull.

Actually, they are represented by Pueblo Films (Spain).


2014 - Spotify - Young Director Award - Best European Test Commercial - Shortlist.
2014 - Spotify - Les Chatons d´Or 2014 - Award Winner.
2014 - Spotify - Young Director Award - Hot Spot.
2013 - The Last Supper - El Sol - Shortlist.
2013 - The Last Supper - Premios EventoPlus - Silver.

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