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Txema Novelo

Mexico City 1982.

He is enrolled in University for a degree in film at the UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR FILM STUDIES (CUEC), which is part of UNAM the National University of Mexico, in Mexico City.
In 2002 two he went to Vancouver for a full time course of Film Production at Vancouver Film School (vfs.com).
His work has participated in the Third Public Art forum of The SAPS in Mexico City, The Havana Biennale 03, The Image Festival of Toronto 2002 , The Contemporary Art Fair MACO 04 and 06 in Mexico City, The Contemporary Art Fair of Spain ARCO 05 (During this year Mexico was the invited country) The VII International Call for Young Artists of the Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia, Spain. The FRIEZE 06 Art Fair in London, UK, The International Contemporary Film Festival of Mexico City 2007 & The Second SIVAM Visual Arts Contest in Mexico City.

He obtained on 2004 the 'Young Creators" Grant of the Mexican Savings Department to Promote Art and Culture (FONCA), in the New Media Division.

He obtained the 2006 Arts & Media Grant from the Mexican National Center of the Arts, Cenart.

His Work has also exhibited individually in the Ramis Barquet Gallery, as well as in different collective shows in museums & galleries of Canada, U.S., Poland, Spain, Cuba, Argentina & Mexico, some of the highlight are: Art Museum Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, The Contemporary Art Museum of Poland, "Zamek Ujazdowski", The National Museum of Art "Reina Sofia" in Madrid Spain, The New Media Art Space "La Casa Encendida" also in Madrid Spain, The Art Space "Fundacion Telefonica" in Buenos Aires Argentina. He has also participated in projects of Net art with greylands.com and The Canadian Art collective Instant Coffee, instantcoffee.org

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