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Growing up on a farm in IOWA usually doesn't lead to a Hollywood lifestyle as a professional drummer, clothing line owner and CEO of a special events company. When it comes to Tye though it literally has gone from raising pigs and growing corn... To Tattoos, nightlife, drumming shows for thousands, and most importantly chasing a dream.
Tye moved out of his parents at 16. By 18 Tye had bought his own home and was giving drumming lessons as an odd job not really knowing his direction in IOWA. Tye had been drumming since he was 12 years old. One of Tye's student's parents were originally from California and said it had to be the place for him. Tye decided it was worth the actual experience. He sold his house, left his girlfriend, took his truck with all his things and headed west. We'll give you the short end of this story and get right to the present... After all the struggles and hardships to where Tye has started to create an amazing Empire... Stay TunedThis is a look into the story of TYE MOHAWK and how he has come along in LA after moving from Iowa to create a Career, Life and Empire.

Working on his craft as professional drummer and artist, Tye started creating his own one of a kind insane live drums infused performance in clubs. Obtaining residencies in cities cross country, one being currently with the World Famous PALMS resort in Las Vegas once a month.

Tye recently put a massive amount of time and money into developing his new Stage that will be used in club shows. This stage is a 12' wide and 8' deep Diamond Plated Aluminum Stage that holds Lights, Lasers, Fog Machines, Co2 & Confetti Canons, strobes, Internal micing and so much more. Be sure to see the YouTube of this new structure that will be gracing clubs across the US in 2012.

Currently Tye is working on remixing and filming videos for some major artist's songs such as Yelawolf's hit song "I Just Wanna Party", Mann's radio smash "Buzzin", B.O.B.'s "Strange Clouds", Kid Ink's hits "Run This" & "LaLaLa" and many more everyday. Be sure to check Tye's YouTube for these releases. Working on his own EP, Tye MoHawk is set to release and sweep the nation with a new rock infused spin on present hip hop, Dub Step and Rock. Tye was just featured in The LOWKEYS recording of "The Wake Up' which is now available on iTunes. Tye is also presently drumming for the bands "Kinda Major" & "Guns That Kill Kings".

When Tye isn't recording, he's running his special events and marketing company called Mohawk District and building his 2 new clothing lines; Thieving Heir and FKFL. All while still performing live drum shows at the top venues for all you wonderful people.

Be on the lookout for Tye MoHawk as he continues to build his empire.




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