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Chicago, IL

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I do film and editing work for "Expedition Apparition" Check it out at youtube.com/user/XpeditionApparition?feature=mhee

I use a little bit of Final Cut, Adobe Premier, After Effects and currently working with Cinema 4D and Blender


  1. Tyler T. Williams
  2. babysweet
  3. Paul Restivo
  4. Rollo & Grady Sessions
  5. Jared Iler
  6. Glenda Lissette
  7. RYAN OHM ▲
  8. ☞ peter h. scoville ☜

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  1. Awesome, Ryan. I really enjoyed the summer feel to it. Really makes me look forward to the warm weather. Good visuals, smooth cuts, and it has that well-known suburban feel to it. Makes me miss home. Good stuff, man