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Cleveland, OH

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TYLER WEAVER is a transmedia producer, moviemaker, and writer who uses his experience in marketing, grassroots movements, and the arts to immerse audiences in works that are a mix of classical and modern blended through his own unique sensibilities.

In 2007, he released IL MIO CANTO LIBERO, a music video for composer Francesca DiGiovanna and in April, 2009, released his first feature-length film, the music documentary, GATHER ‘ROUND THE MIC, filmed in Cleveland and featuring an international cast of musicians.

Working with the Mary Ferrell Foundation (where he also served as Executive Director) and the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Group, his credits include THE FOURTEEN MINUTE GAP and WITHHELD IN FULL for the Foundation, and the web series HOT SHOTS @ HOT SPOTS with the 20/30 Group.

In 2010, he produced (within a month of each other) a music video for Dolores Dagenais’ OBVIOUSLY, a trailer for Anthony Schiavino’s acclaimed SERGEANT ZERO comic book series, and – for the first time – a wedding collage.

He is presently in active development on a new transmedia project, WHIZ!BAM!POW!, which gives him an excuse to put his 20+years of being a comic book nut to good use.

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