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By creating a visual landscape that stimulates the imagination and elicits reflection, Tziporah Productions transports audiences to a playful dimension both entertaining and accessible. The company creates an audio-visual experience by combining innovative lighting and staging techniques, costumes and musical selections with dance. All these elements are interwoven and result in an environment rich in visual imagery, soundscape and choreography. The body remains at the core, is the physical driver of the work, and is the instrument through which these various elements are investigated. Tziporah Productions guides audiences through visceral experiences where they can free their imaginations, be captivated by movements, patterns, and sequences and become entranced by the rhythms of the music.

Be sure to catch the next production 'the space between us' premiering in Toronto June 19-22, 2013 at Dancemakers Centre for Creation.

photo credits:
Roland Shainidze
Michael Woloszynowicz


  1. Wolara Drum and Dance
  2. Zata Omm
  3. Kaeja d'Dance
  4. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
  5. Shannon Litzenberger
  6. Tangy Lime Dance Projects

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  1. a rhythmic, subtle tone states the space compelled to avoid a wrenching stillness a drenching veil on the soul's landscape to know the source of suffering leaving only diminished shadows on life’s horizon not ashamed before the ashes of passion…