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Ubuntu means I am because you are. As people, we are connected to one another. We believe individuals have the intrinsic urge to discover their potential or talents and to put them into practice. Not only can you accomplish this through art and creativity, art and creativity itself are both powerful tools to bring people together and to trigger positive change.

Ubuntu believes in developing and passing on talent. Those have had the change to change their own lives through their talents, can pay it forward and create that positive environment for street children and youth at risk as well.

As an organisation, we train our youths to develop not only their creative talents, but also their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, so they can initiate positive social change for themselves and their communities. We aim to inspire them to become the leaders of the next generation, so they can make a difference on a broader scope.

Where we run our projects

We run projects in Honduras, Indonesia and South Africa. Since 2012 we have build an Ubuntu Acadamy in Cape Town. A school for arts, entrepreneurship & leadership in Cape Town, South Africa. A place of inspiration for young, talented people to make a difference in their own life and that of others. Our goal is to build Ubuntu Academies worldwide

Ubuntu’s specialisation lies within the capability of finding local partners to help educate these street children in their own community. In that way Ubuntu is integrated within the ‘troubled’ culture and develops a solution by bringing local social workers and youngsters at risk together, using art and creative disciplines as an effective empowerment method.

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