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UCL Union Economics and Finance Society is the largest and most professional society at UCL. Founded over 50 years ago, the society has a membership from a wide range of backgrounds and is seen as the most active and dynamic student society on campus. More often than not our members also have a strong desire to start a career in the City. To this end, we regularly invite guest speakers from various sectors to give members unique access to experts and first-hand insights into the complexities of the real world. We aim to give our members a competitive edge.

Our strong on - and off - campus reputation is based upon our professionalism, education, innovation, and creativity. Above all, our goal is to ensure that our members have a good time at UCL and leave to find interesting employment after their studies. In 2010/11 we aim to keep expanding our membership base whilst maintaining our stance as the best source of financial and careers information at UCL.

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