Hawaiʻi Sign Language Demonstration

Hawaiʻi Sign Language Demonstration

American Sign Language (ASL) and Hawaiʻii Sign Language (HSL) are compared and demonstrated in this video.

HSL, the indigenous language of Deaf people in Hawai‘i, is one of only two known surviving sign languages in the U.S. The other is American Sign Language, or ASL, which is widely used by the deaf community in the U.S.

This marks the first time since the 1930s that a previously unknown language, either spoken or signed, has been documented in the United States.

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Wonderful! I believe this is a remarkable poject, but I think it should be more accurately called "Pidgin" because that is exactly what it is.


I had a deaf uncle and my grandma knew how to sign to him. I knew it as pidgin sign language. I also didn't realize that it was undiscovered.

Hoa Nguyen

This is a wonderful research! This work enriches the sign languages world of Deaf communities.

William O'Grady

Despite the name that was sometimes used for it, Hawaii Sign Language is in fact a full-fledged language, not a pidgin. A pidgin is a rudimentary system of communication with a very limited vocabulary and no grammar; it is never anyone's first language. None of these things is true of Hawaii Sign Language.


Very interesting and different language

Laura Lesmana Wijaya

What a wonderful sign language! Finally, the U.S. has two sign languages! Time to change and say NO to "standarised sign language"! :)

Maka loa




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