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  1. 08:20


    by Umeå University

    28 Videos

    Filmer som är, eller beskriver, forskning vid Umeå universitet

  2. 01:28


    by Umeå University

    5 Videos

  3. 36:05

    Professorer vid Umeå universitet

    by Umeå University

    89 Videos

    Professorer installerade vid årshögtiden 2011.

  4. 07:39:41


    by Umeå University

    32 Videos

    Studieverkstads filmer.

  5. 47:57


    by Umeå University

    37 Videos

    Presentations of university programs.

  6. 03:46:17

    Akademiska högtider

    by Umeå University

    38 Videos

    Videos and slideshowes from Academic Ceremonies at Umeå University, Sweden.

  7. 00:00

    Rektorerna 2011

    by Umeå University

    10 Videos

    Om och av Umeå universitets rektorer

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