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I have been involved in independent film making since 1993. I picked up a camcorder to both record and support the thriving counter-culture in the UK.

I went on to film direct action protests against car culture, filmed with political comedian Mark Thomas smuggled hidden cameras into an Israeli prison and recorded many alternative life styles. My drive was to distribute stories rarely heard within the mainstream.

I co-founded Undercurrents in 1994 as an alternative news agency. Together we established a unique independent distribution for films produced by grassroots environmental and social justice activists.
My films have won more than 10 international film festivals. My archive images are broadcast regularly on Channel 4, ITV and BBC in various news and current affairs programmes.

I have trained human rights and environmental campaigners across the World. I co-founded The Sol Cinema, a unique solar powered mobile movie theater. I am currently producing a series of online videos on environmental topics.

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