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Uneek Music (hereafter “Uneek”) is a Los Angeles-based independent record label with additional operating offices in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, and Minneapolis. Uneek aims to connect consumers of music by working with and developing talent with universal appeal, effortless style, and undeniable talent,and seeks out artists throughout all genres of music that are representative of the company’s brand. Uneek represents a new sound with a universal push that embraces artists all across the nation; despite it’s location, Uneek is not a West Coast label. Uneek has used the major label system as a model for its own structure by taking the best elements of the “Big Four” (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI Group) and applying it in combination with the grassroots spirit of independent labels. President/CEO and founder Big U likens it to the Qur’an which he believes “takes the great principles behind the Bible and Torah and makes something new, but beautiful in itself.” Uneek Music is involved in all aspects of an artist’s career: recording, promotions, artist development, creative, new media, marketing, publicity and merchandising. Current artists include R&B singer Sydnee Arcane, rappers Blu Sky,Uneek Spiffie,Shortstop/TD,Reeze, Krita-Kali-Acclaimed,Paccman,Daddy Owe The Dad, Buc Adam.The company is looking to sign new talent to develop and cultivate into burgeoning, long-lasting careers with an emphasis on making music a more visual experience for the consumer.

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