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Behold the online archive of my music production portfolio. It includes the 'highlights' of my recording, engineering, mixing, producing and mastering work conducted since 2005.

If you listen carefully, you should hear the sound of sweat, blood and perhaps even a few tears amongst the grooves.

Feel free to browse the repertoire as a whole, or using the Channels option, which divides the work into genres of my own invention.

All photographs used within the videos are my own. Copyright of recordings are detailed for each individual work.

For conspiracies and accusations, please contact me via

External Links

  • Home - The hub of all material, incorporating much of the content found here
  • Twitter - Lyrics & thoughts from music I am working on
  • Blog - From deep within the memory hole
  • YouTube - Behind the scenes videos on 'The Method'
  • Portfolio - Catalogue of notable work to date
  • Webcasts - Radio shows conducted via talent & the past
  • Photos - Visual company for the sounds that were there at the same time
  • Blips & Demos - Works in progress & forgotten adjuncts


  1. J M Burke
  2. Royal Treatment Plant
  3. Helen Plewis
  4. Will Schrimshaw
  5. paperandiron
  6. Warm Digits
  7. ZEA
  8. whatsinthebox
  9. Arto Polus
  10. Mark Warmington
  11. The Gathering
  12. Emilia Flockhart
  13. Torunn S Skrogstad
  14. Patrick Snape
  15. BearWithMeRecords
  16. Plum Tunes
  17. Aaron McMullan
  18. Cath Tyler

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