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  1. 06:58:42

    International days

    by United Nations

    206 Videos

    United Nations observances, such as the international days, contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the UN Charter and promote awareness of, and action on, important political, social, cultural,…

  2. 10:15:52

    All interviews

    by United Nations

    203 Videos

    We regularly meet with UN and other experts, including high-profile personalities, to talk about hot issues of the moment and their work. The results of this initiative are short video interviews/messages…

  3. 06:26:06

    UNRIC partnerships

    by United Nations

    186 Videos

    Throughout the years UNRIC has forged a number of recurring partnerships. Some of the results of these partnerships can be found here.

  4. 01:14:31

    UNRIC Partnerships: Live Windows Project

    by United Nations

    80 Videos

    To help promote a series of UN International Days, prestigious European design schools and academies produce short videos part of a partnership between UNRIC and Fabrica, the Benetton research centre…

  5. 03:17:59

    Interviews: 3 questions to

    by United Nations

    50 Videos

    UN officials, and other personalities, are asked three questions related to their work and what they are passionate about.

  6. 01:13:57

    Videos in Spanish

    by United Nations

    49 Videos

    A compilation of our UNRIC videos in Spanish.

  7. 02:08:48

    Videos in French

    by United Nations

    44 Videos

    Un album pour nos vidéos en langue française, entretiens, animations et autres coups de coeur.

  8. 02:12:56

    UNRIC campaigns

    by United Nations

    29 Videos

    In order to inform, but also engage, the European public in the work of the United Nations, UNRIC decided, in 2007, to launch an annual European public information campaign choosing the most relevant…

  9. 59:07

    Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and sustainable development

    by United Nations

    28 Videos

    Videos related to the Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development. The eight Millennium Development Goals – which range from halving extreme poverty rates to halting the spread…

  10. 52:50

    Videos in Greek

    by United Nations

    21 Videos

    A compilation of our UNRIC videos in Greek.

  11. 55:36

    Videos in Portuguese

    by United Nations

    20 Videos

    A compilation of our UNRIC videos in Portuguese.

  12. 54:12

    Videos in Dutch

    by United Nations

    18 Videos

    A compilation of our UNRIC videos in Dutch.

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