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Up & Coming Arts is a collection of like-minded artists that will focus on exhibitions, education and events that started in 2008.

We are currently in the process of setting up as a company here in Liverpool, UK with the help of LJMU Start Up Programme.

Further and up to date information can be found on our blog

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  3. Andy Lindley
  4. Juzer Kimti
  5. Matt's Gallery
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  8. Leslie Wilson-Rutterford
  9. penny  d jones
  10. China Pearl
  11. tony knox
  12. tony maher
  13. ffotos
  14. Phil Olsen
  15. SHU Film & Media Production
  16. james tomo
  17. Surface Gallery
  18. Rob Rosa

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  1. David Thomas Crawley helped Rebecca Lennon with her video piece 'I Could Never Live Like You Do' as well as plenty of Liverpool based artists. An email was sent out via Up & Coming Arts mailbox to ask for participants. After running around the city…