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We in life are no more than pixels upon an infinite screen, most incapable of comprehending meaning through our minute insignificant forms

But life is energy, and from this has an extending vibrancy that searches reaching out and touching everything it comes into contact with in its own unique way, ways that the individual entities crave to be touched for some its through sounds as music, and others its visual and then there are those few who are touched and moved by the very vibrations and with it find themselves as one as the omniverse totally aware and connected as if jacked in to the very emotions of god and staring into that infinite screen.

Gods a producer!

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  1. Wow, way to go Alex! I liked that, it feels both calculated & cool. You should be happy with what you have done. HH
  2. Turtle you did well, I really liked that. I was at speakers corner Yesterday and was thinking about you, I photographed all the people (most of them) that you filmed. Please keep filming and uploading them. ATB Hugo. A. Gogo