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Welcome on the urge bike products 2014
Mountain-biking and riding is our culture, our passion. Manufacturing the best helmets is our sole purpose, our eternal quest.
The richness of our sport lies in its diversity. So many different influences contribute to enriching it,
whether it be freeride from British Columbia yesterday or enduro from southern Europe today.
Tomorrow, new paths will open towards an even more international and diverse world of mountain-
Every one of these disciplines merits our attention and a product development that’s precise so this year,
after 5 years of hard work, we are proud to offer a complete range.
The Supacross is our newest addition and our cross country helmet. The term ‘Cross country’ sounds so much
better when teamed with real ethics.
This helmet is the result of our values pushed to their limit. It symbolizes the range with its pure Urge design, no useless frills and recognizable from the rest.
90% manufactured from recycled materials, it is nonetheless at the cutting edge in terms of security. Where safety is concerned, we leave nothing to chance. We make no compromises to save a few grams for example.
We are making our own way and the more riders we meet on it, we are encouraged to go even further.
Cross your country, cross many countries, never stop riding a mountain bike. This is what we do. We wish it for you too.
The Urge crew
Driven by our roots.

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