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Como, Italy

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Based in Como (Italy) Uri Golman is an award winning nature- and wildlife photographer specialized in the arctic environment. An environmentalist and adventurer by heart, he has travelled the far north on several expeditions with the ultimate goal to communicate local conservation.

He has published two books on the Arctic since 2007 and one book on local conservation in India called Tiger Spirit, which was awarded the WWF Panda Book of the Year title in 2011.

Uri has also been chosen by Canon as a local Canon Ambassador in Denmark for his work on local conservation in Greenland for three consecutive years. His images from this part of the world have been published around the world in magazines, books and on calendars and postcards. His clients include National Geographic, WWF, ALPS Magazine and Greenland Today and Nature Picture Library in London represents his photographic work.
He is often a contributor of photographic stories to specialist magazines and writes monthly stories on the Manfrotto School of Xcellence.

He is currently working on a long term project called Wild North which aims to promote knowledge about conservation under the northern hemisphere.

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