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The lights dim and the audience goes quiet, two figures dance on screen, a timeless moment.

Urreola Film strives to bring you the very best in Films, Web Series, & Music Videos. Focusing on story first.

We humbly welcome you into our dreams...

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  1. My links http://uid.me/igor_besschastny#
  2. Hi, I'd be willing to contribute something. What timescale are you working on? If you want to see some examples/ideas/thoughts look here: soundcloud.com/skylander-1 youtube.com/user/littleal39 Regards, Alex
  3. If I can make music with my mouth, is it usable for composers? what should i do to make it usable? i can make good music for any animation, film in short time.
  4. Hi Raul, Liking the sound of your project. I am a cinematic orchestral composer, check out some of my work and see what you think. Peace J Link: https://soundcloud.com/james-merryweather
  5. Hell Raul, You can find some of my works which are mainly orchestral. I'm highly interested in your project. Enjoy ! Lien: https://soundcloud.com/mehdi-charaf
  6. As you peruse your options, consider my work- I'm easy to work with- loads of examples at: www.steveyeager.com Thanks
  7. Hi Raul, Here are some demos of my work. Get in touch if I can be of any help. Link: http://www.adammichaelweldon.com/music.html
  8. Hello Mr. Raul These are some links of my recent projects: https://soundcloud.com/nassef-1/1919-1 https://soundcloud.com/nassef-1/frorbidden-fruit Also you can check my website: www.mohamednassef.com Regards Link: https://soundcloud.com/nassef-1