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  1. 31:46

    The Scoop (Fall 2012)

    by USDtv

    11 Videos

    Marc Gonzales and Yasi Mahallaty have your weekly campus events and announcements! Airs every Monday!

  2. 01:46:59

    USD News (Fall 2012)

    by USDtv

    11 Videos

    Main Anchors Phoebe Gurrola & Robbie Hill have your weekly news stories and in-studio guests! Torero Sports Anchors Michelle Ruben & Liz Caldwell have your Torero Athletics highlights and…

  3. 01:28:23

    Rumor Has It

    by USDtv

    10 Videos

    It's a brand new entertainment show brought to you by your hosts: Alex Hermann and Stephanie Atienza!

  4. 44:47

    The Scoop (Fall 2011 & Spring 2012)

    by USDtv

    18 Videos

    Want to know what's going on this week on campus? Tune into this new show hosted by the hilarious Yasamin Mahallaty and Marc Gonzales! They're bringing you your weekly event updates and…

  5. 35:05

    Chow Down

    by USDtv

    5 Videos

    It's our new show, Chow Down! Think you can eat 3 JV's burritos or take the Broken Yolk challenge?Watch as Host Ilia Dolaptchiev challenges his roommate Dillon Jacobsen to eat enormous portions!…

  6. 04:35:55

    T-SPAN (2011-2012)

    by USDtv

    13 Videos

    T-SPAN covers your AS Senate meetings so you can be informed of any important information.

  7. 02:15:00

    USD News (Fall 2011)

    by USDtv

    11 Videos

    Watch our brand new season of USD News! Returning as our main anchors we have Michelle Ruben and Andrew Tripodi. We also welcome our new Sports anchors: Robbie Hill and Phoebe Gurrola!

  8. 26:45

    Art Scene San Diego

    by USDtv

    8 Videos

    Megan McCredie, Katie Failinger and friends guide you through the arts and culture happenings on campus and in the greater San Diego community. Have you scene it?

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