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A York University Film Production graduate, Mark (me) moved from making short films, writing scripts, and running a small video conversion & duplication business (under the production shingle Bedlam Productions) to journalistic pursuits, writing articles / profiles / retrospectives / podcasts / reviews on film, TV, and film music for, Rue Morgue Magazine, Film Score Monthly, Music from the Movies, and Canadian Screenwriter.

An accredited media journalist, Mark's also covered facets of Hot Docs, TIFF, and TJFF, where he also functioned as a consultant / presenter / interviewer / media editor for the film music sidebar series. (Writing + media samples are showcased at

The archived videos on this page include an assortment of tests, short films, extracts, title designs, and sample work of Mark's skills in blending analogue video sources (often from vintage broadcast + consumer tube cameras and effects boxes) with modern digital gear.

Each video includes a brief summary, and in many cases links to Big Head Amusements (bigheadamusements) which houses making-of blogs and additional stills documenting vintage chunky gear.

Mark's current project is an experimental documentary on a video store, using 30 year old tube video cameras and a hybrid of analogue and digital special effects.

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