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“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
― Harlan Ellison
LET us BE VERY VERY CLEAR. As much as keeping in contact with friends of yesteryear. Being updated with the happenings of oh so many. Combined with the ease of access to immediate family etc. These are not the reasons I still use face book. I STILL USE THIS SERVICE AS A ACTIVIST TOOL AND PLATFORM. THESE ARE THE ONLY REASONS I DO. FACEBOOK IS NOTHING MORE THAN A CIA AFFILIATED DATA MINING OPERATION! There will be a point when face book no more day arrives. Our Government well decide when that day will be. Until such day comes; they are free to know Where I live, who I communicate with, what sites I visit etc etc. They are storing this information on you and I because they deeply care for us and believe tracking us is in “our best interests”. Ya ok……. Smell the fascism.

I was FORCED to investigate and research Geopolitics, History, and International Relations After learning of the fraudulent fractional reserve banking system that my Country along with all the others currently use. I had absolutely NO INTEREST in politics up to this point. But after ABSORBING and finally COMPREHENDING the STAGGERING ramifications of this system and its policy upon all aspects of my life. This civilization AND OUR REALITY as we know it. It was then I was forced into investigating and researching politics current and past.

Presenting what I have learned along the way to others has labeled me a Conspiracy Theorist. THUS PROVING TO ME THE GENERAL Populace globally CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH. AND/OR HAS BEEN SO INDOCTRINATED TO ASSOCIATE THE WORD "THEORY" ANY TIME THEY HEAR THE WORD "CONSPIRACY" THEY ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT THE"real reality that exists, outside their bubble reality" Or the reality that has been literally designed for them. The very dark history of those banking bloodlines is the root or parenting issue of this civilizations history. It is how we are controlled and always have been. It is the life blood of any civilization as we know civilizations to be.
The secrets and discoveries that are still being suppressed in main stream media while being widely available on the internet. Combined with the criminal amount of info of our history just in General. that we are NOT TAUGHT IN SCHOOL. Now we shape our beliefs and reality based on Centuries of lies, oppression and suppression.Hence this literally means "everything taught in School and otherwise has to be rewritten. For we have been deceived on an absolute Grand scale. Unfortunately the conspiratorial view of history is the correct version of our history.
So when you know and see all this it leaves you feeling like your in the twilight zone. Free of the "matrix" reality only to be stuck in this 21st century twilight zone. Watching humanity lumber along asleep oblivious to the truth of everything. This gets to be a bit much some days.Especially knowing whats in store for us over the next few years. I've been liberated of the "designed" reality and can truly be a free thinker. The most important thing personally for myself though. Is not long into this journey I had gained my ability to have empathy back. Truthfully Im not even sure when I lost it. My whole life I've mistaken sympathy for empathy. Two very different things. It is of my opinion now this is what we need to do globally. Empathy has literally been engineered out of us over the centuries. When the human race can empathize with one another and all living things then this planet well transform into something so beautiful its truly beyond most peoples comprehension.

If you have yet to notice; we are in a midst a mass awaking on this planet. many are beginning to uncover truths about our world and why things are the way they are. Many are beginning to realize the biggest deception of them all. Bigger than fluoride, economics, education, religion and so forth. The biggest deception that we have been told is that we are a body and a mind and that's it. There is nothing more or nothing else to our reality. The Truth is you are MUCH more so much more in fact; that if we ever figured it out the game would be up for those in charge. . Less Ego More Love

Do I have the "EGOS" attention now? OK So all these people Celebrities, judges, academics, artists, retired Military etc. They are all "Conspiracy Theorists"? How about "Reality Activists". Because its no longer a theory. All these people are Objective like minded analytical beings. That have simply connected some real easy well documented very traceable factual dots. It is so "blatantly " obvious that in this mans eyes many World Leaders" and others would see ANY Jury, charges or trial quashed and moved straight to execution on the grounds they really think Thousands if not millions of us people are that fucking stupid and Ignorant. Here lies the truth and fact of the matter. That TV shapes the reality of 87% of the population. Time to turn off the tv if objectivity and logical thinking have lost its way. Seek your Information thru alternative media. There is no doubt just fact; that a war upon the population is well under way. Arguably nearing its end given how long its been going on. That was long before I came along. Now go goggle the term "soft kill". This could be the first day of the rest of your life just by researching any information you receive yourself. For it is you that must answer to the truth and yourself in the end. Research, research and more fucking research. Truths like rain. It don't give a fuck who it falls upon. To quote Clif High "Universe rewards thinking. Everyone should try it for themselves at least once. Now would be a good time.

People I will remind you we are a very adolescent species and thru our recorded history have only been free of Empires and oppression for a very brief 229 yrs. . Arguably perhaps this was an illusion.. In any event the vast technological advances and population growth have perpetuated complacency in the masses about how brief our so called “freedom” has been. The 10 point system used in all democracy’s that moved back to dictatorship had been fulfilled back in 2007. We are there now and I assure you it well get much worse. To the Government and private interests that have me flagged as dissident, derelict, political anarchists, heretic and so on. Fuck you and your system of oppression I will fight for humanity’s freedom of enslavement from your sick narcissistic, socio-pathic, pedophilic, left Hemisphere driven psychopathic agendas, programs and ways.

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