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I love & enjoy so many things---my faith in Christ (since 1978), my hubby (since 1995), Jason, my 3 adoptive children (since 2001), Robert (b. 1991), Dricka (b. 1992), & Rudy (b. 1994), as well as my parents (since 1970), & younger sister, Karen (since 1978)---plus classic radio shows, mystery/suspense novels, classic & eclectic film, sci fi, parties & picnics, travel, "mom & pop" shopping & accommodations, diners/regional cuisine, cultural exploration/appreciation, live theatre, dusty book-shops, second-hand ANYTHING, cheesy/tourist-y sightseeing, and music, from the Ramones to Bruno Marrs. You don't have to have a lot in common with me, to be my friend. I have friends & family members who run the gamut from Hindu to Pagan, Pentecostal to Agnostic, religiously. Politically, I'm a blue dog Democrat, liberal, in some views, but less so in others, as I run a pro-life Dems group, in my state. Many of my pals are Republicans, as well as some who are Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Green Party, & Socialists. I like to go to dances, even though I'm terrible at it---but have friends who believe dancing's a sin. Essentially, I probably have beliefs that run counter to something each person I know believes, but I value diversity & interpersonal dialogue too much to have a litmus test for fellowship. When you love people, you don't only love those who resemble your mirror-self, at first glance. What a dull life that would be.


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