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Traveller and explorer

My parents cycled around Corsica for their honeymoon...Everything makes sense!
I was born in 1983 in Nantes, France.
I graduated in Sports Sciences, and in Communication and Marketing, I started my first journeys when I was not working in the event industry.

I drove my car in almost all Eatern Europe during summer 2005, and 4 years later, in 2009, I did a 8 000km trip using public transports in South Africa and in Swaziland . Serious stuff !

In 2010, Across Africa came to life ! I travelled alone 16 000km between Cape Town (South Africa) and Khartoum (Sudan), using only public transports, across 11 african countries.

In 2012, I started the 2012 Paris to London Sea Kayak Expedition, a physical challenge and a new human adventure.

Soon , in 2014, I will travel to the heart of Brazil to discover this country a couple of days before the FIFA World Cup.

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