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HÜTTE is the winner of the Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis 2013.

HÜTTE means cabin. So come on in and close the door behind you. The wealthy neighbours may
complain, but the truth is they are jealous of the real feelings – Rage and Resistance, the Blues,
Freedom, Reconcilation, and the happiness when everyone is lying in each other´s arms. And in
the end the HÜTTE starts to burn.

The debut album of the German band HÜTTE brings together four interesting young musicians
from Berlin and Cologne.
Drummer and composer Max Andrzejewski started the band in the summer of 2011 with a focus on
the strong individual musical languages of his fellow bandmates Johannes Schleiermacher
(Saxophone), Tobias Hoffmann (Guitar) and Andreas Lang (Bass). Their tunes are full of squared
corners rounded corners, and unexpected twists. Andrzejewski's melodies stick in ones' mind
despite - or perhaps because of - their quirks. The composed structures give the musicians the
space to express their individual improvisatory desires. Burn, HÜTTE, burn.

"HÜTTE plays a dynamic game with ones expectations. Once partially fulfilled, they are destroyed
the next instant. (...) A band which fits perfectly to the whole contradictory coherence of Berlin."
"Max Andrzejewski is one of the brightest German prospects on jazz drums."

Wolf Kampmann (jazz journalist, author of the Reclam Jazz Lexikon)


30.10.13 Hütte - Club Manufaktur, Schorndorf (DE)
31.10.13 Hütte - Jazzclub, Karlsruhe (DE)
01.11.13 Hütte - Terminus Brasserie, Saargemünd (DE)
02.11.13 Hütte - Enjoy Jazz Festival - Europäischer Hof, Heidelberg (DE)
03.11.13 Hütte - Saxstall, Pohrsdorf (DE)

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